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Breaking out of Boxes

In a recent conversation, the concept of keeping God in a box came up. If you have been in church much of your life, you have probably heard the conversation. The one that circles around how we, mere mortals, tend to put God in a box and limits on him.

Like we, mere mortals, could ever do that.

The truth of the matter, and one the Holy Spirit spoke like an arrow to my heart, is we put ourselves in boxes. There is no way we could grab the Infinite God of the Universe and limit him in any way. That is just laughable.

But-we can put ourselves in a box. A deep one. A dark one. We can fit into the tiniest Amazon shipping box available and expect God to move around in it with us when God is really outside of the box. I often picture him looking in and saying, “Hey, there is no way we can both fit in there.”

God needs a lot of room once He gets going.

The way I see it, I have two options:

Upgrade and move into a bigger box. That way, God has at least a little room to move around with me. Maybe when I get comfortable in that one, I could upgrade again…and again…and again.


Put the box in the recycle bin, and live in Freedom with Christ and the rest of what he is doing for the rest of my life! What an idea!

Free to follow, free to love, free to be the person He created me to be!

Free to dance. Free to see the rest of His story.

Gotta go now, headed to the dumpster. Want to join me?

Climbing out of my box, into the Rest of His world.

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