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Get up and Go

"Now get up and cross the Zered Valley.

So we crossed the valley." Deut 2:13.

It was the end of the journey. Almost. The Israelites had wondered in the desert for 38 years.

The promised land was on the other side of the valley. They just had to go.

I wonder why they were not making a beeline across it. Their may be bonafide reasons.

But if not, I can still relate.

Have you ever wandered mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and known the way back? Maybe even in your career, your relationships, your life purpose? You just wander, thinking you are headed in the right direction until you realize you are not.

Then the Holy Spirit says, "Get up and cross that valley?"

This valley? The one that floods unexpectedly?


This valley? The one that has unknown territory?


This valley? The one where I don't know anyone and I probably don't know anything?


This valley? That is terrifying for all kinds of reasons (that only exist in my head)?



One thing that never changes.

You can cross any valley if God has called you to it.

Don't bother packing a tent. He doesn't want you to camp. He wants you on the other side.



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