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Little Things, part 1

Like letters

I could probably find a scripture, but what I really am talking about are the words that make the scriptures and how God reveals His ways within those words. Over the next few posts, I want to share some that I have been thinking about lately.

Today I have two words which have been on my mind lately.

Peace vs Piece.

Without God’s singular Peace, my mind and my life generally falls into multiple pieces.

They sound the same. Unless you are familiar with the context, you don't know which peace/piece I am talking about and understanding can be difficult.

Satan is like that. He would like for you to think having a mind and life that is disconnected, rambling and in pieces, not like the life of Peace God promises.

The Peace of God makes us whole. Whole. ONE piece. God’s one Peace makes us One Piece.

So close, but so easy to fall for the fake. Remember His Peace puts all your pieces back together.


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